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Movin’ and shakin’ are as much a part of living a balanced life as good eats are.  I’ll be posting my workouts on this page to share what I’m into with you.

Disclaimer – I am not a certified personal trainer, nor a dietitian, these are just my ideas and daily musings.

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*I do not log my daily workouts on this calendar anymore as I incorporate them into my normal posts, but here is an idea of what I was doing when I trained for my first half marathon.

8/20/12 – 3 miles on the treadmill, followed by a total body lift.  I wanted to get in some abs but the gym was SO packed there was no room!

8/17/12 – 11 mile long run day, I ran along a lake in the area and it was absolutely beautiful.  I also got some new shoes, Mizuno Waverider 15s.  I broke them out for the first time on this run.  I’m not so sure it was the best idea to wear them for the first time on this long run.  My feet were a little sore by the end.  Oh, and I definitely needed a nap after this.  Yikes!

8/15/12 – 3 miles

8/14/12 – 5 miles

8/13/12 – 3 miles in 25 minutes on the treadmill.  It felt good to run fast today.  Then I did a quick total body lift using light weights to get my muscles back into lifting a little bit.  I’m planning a tough lift for Thursday.

8/10/12 – Today was a tough 9 miler. That vacation really took a toll on me.  Hopefully next week feels better

8/8/12 – 3 miles

8/7/12 – 5 miles

8/6/12 – 3 miles

7/24/12 – Oof!  4 miles today after yesterday’s intervals and lift sesh was some tough stuff.  I just kept thinking to myself, “You are so much stronger than you think.”  I saw that quote on Angela’s website years ago and and it’s stuck with me when I feel like giving up.

7/23/12 – Today I needed to knock out 3 miles for my marathon training and I was in the mood for some intervals.  I did the following interval workout on the treadmill.  I knocked out 3 miles in 25 minutes!

Followed by this workout that works your whole core.

7/20/12 – 8 miles.  8 country gravel road miles.  It was super tough, I might as well have been running in sand… Okay maybe not quite, but it was hard!  It was also my first experience with chafing.  Time to get some body glide?  I think so.  Oh, and my black shoes looked like this afterwards.

7/19/12 – I was super busy yesterday so I had to move my 3 miler to today.  I did a real easy 3 miles in 27 minutes before school this morning, followed by a killer ab workout.  I didn’t want to lift too much because I have a long run tomorrow and I wanted to be well rested.

7/17/12 – Today was 100 degrees outside again, so I ran on the treadmill while watching an episode of Bones.  I knocked out 4 miles in a little under 35 minutes.  Then I did the following “big muscle group lifts”

7/16/12 – 3 mile run, followed by some upper body and core lifts

7/13/12 – Friday = long run day and today was 7 miles.  It’s the longest I’ve run in probably 2 years.  I was super nervous before the run because last week’s 6 miler was tough.  I decided to run outside because it was cloudy out, even though it was a little warm.  After I got going I felt great.  I had 1/2 of a gu gel at mile 4.5 to give me a little boost at the end.  I made sure to follow it with some water.  I finished the run with an average 9:00 min/mile pace.  It was great!

7/11/12 – Today was a tough, outdoor 4 miles.  It was a little bit cooler (85 degrees) so I figured I’d give my legs a break from the treadmill.  I didn’t feel too sore after yesterday’s 1000 rep workout, but my legs felt slow and heavy outside.  I’m not sure if it was the heat, or being tired from yesterday but that was hard!  I finished in a little under 36 minutes, so it turned out a little better than I thought, but I was beat by the end.

7/10/12 – Today I was in the mood for a full body workout.  I decided to swap my 4 mile run for a 3 miler and then do a different take on the 1000 rep workout.  I did the following lifts in order, 50 reps each.  I used relatively light weight, but trust me, after 50 reps I was feeling it.

And after all of that, I was nice and sweaty, and my hamstrings were still really tight, so I did some extra stretching too.

7/9/12 – School, clinic, and work all were running late today so I had less than a half hour to conquer 3 miles.  If that’s not motivation I don’t know what is.  Lucky for me I finished my 3 miler in 25:45 today.  I think that’s the fastest 3 miles I’ve had training so far.  My hamstrings were super tight when I got home so I made sure to spend a little time foam rolling too.

7/6/12 – Hello 6 miles!  It was over 100 degrees out so I watched 2 episodes of Say Yes To The Dress on the treadmill while I pumped out 6 miles.  I also ate 2 of these Margarita Shot Bloks at mile 4 to keep me going.  I really loved them!!!!

7/4/12 – Very hot (and slow) 3 miler.  We went around 9 am, but it was already close to 90 and full sun.  I felt like I weighed a million pounds.  We brought water with us, but it was still scorching.  I need to get my hands on a water bottle belt so I don’t have to carry it with me.

7/3/12 – Today I did the following interval workout to cover 4 miles in record time.

7/2/12 – 3 mile treadmill run followed by my lower body workout from 6/19/12 (see below)

6/29/12 – I got a 5 miler under my belt this morning right after my test was done.  It was cloudy, sprinkling and wonderful.

6/27/12 – A quick 3 mile treadmill run, followed by some abs on the bosu ball.  I have studying to get to 😉  For those of you who may be curious, this is the half marathon plan I’m following.

6/26/12 – Today I was very sore from yesterday’s 1000 rep workout.  I knew I needed to get moving and not let the lactic acid build up so I did a slow 3 mile run.  And then I stretched and spent about 20 minutes foam rolling.

6/25/12 – 3 mile treadmill run, followed by Julie’s 1000 rep workout, I’ve seen workouts like this posted on pinterest for a while now and decided today was the perfect day to try one out.  I loved how many different exercises I was able to get done in such a fast time.  I kind of felt like I was hogging the dumbbells from other people at the gym though.  I definitely will do this one again, just make sure nobody else needs the few dumbbells I want.

6/22/12 – Today was a very hot 4 mile run, followed by Ab Ripper X (part of P90X).  It’s one of my favorite ab workouts.  This website has a step by step guide for each exercise as well as part of the video.  You can also find it broken up into parts on YouTube.

6/20/12 – Last day of the 3 milers for this week, plus this quick upper body workout from the Tone It Up Girls (via pinterest).  I’m sore today after yesterday’s lower body workout so I made sure to do some extra stretching too.  Ooh hamstrings!  Yikes!

6/19/12 – 3 mile run + lower body workout

6/18/12 – Today is the start of my 12 week half marathon training program.  I ran 3 miles on the treadmill at the gym (100 degrees out here, phew!).  Then I did the following upper body workout

6/16/12 – Went on an hour run/walk with the hubby when I needed a study break

6/15/12 – 20 min jog to get my post exam anxiety out, and this quick 15 minute strength workout from the Tone It Up Girls


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