Shoe Monster and foam rolling

I would like to introduce you to the new love in my life…

foam roller

My foam roller.

This guy and I love a love/hate relationship. It hurts so good! I’ve been trying to be really good about stretching and foam rolling after every run in order to prevent injuries. I don’t want to have any IT band flare ups during half-marathon training and the foam roller is the one thing that I’ve found that really makes a difference for me. I usually foam roll all along my IT band (the outside part of the quad), my calves, my butt, and my back (because this part feels amazing).

Charlie hates the foam roller and thinks it’s big and scary. He runs and hides under the kitchen table when I bring it out of the closet. Funny dog. It’s okay though, then I don’t have to deal with trying to foam roll while being dive bombed by a dog :)

charlie table

Another new love in my life – these shoes (in grey).

Nine West booties - via TJ Maxx

Nine West booties – via TJ Maxx

Josh and I did some back to school/fall shopping last weekend. He ended up getting a bunch of shirts for work at Banana Republic outlet, and I found these beauts at TJ Maxx. I fell in love instantly. As I walked up and down the aisles and TJ Maxx, Josh just kind of stared at me, realizing he wasn’t going to be able to talk me out of this pair. We finally made a deal, I could get the shoes if I agreed to clean out my closet and get rid of old shoes that I don’t need/don’t wear anymore.

As I walked into the house with my new shoes in hand I had this sick feeling in my stomach. I hate getting rid of old clothes and shoes. I LOVE shoes so much. My feet haven’t grown since middle school so I know I have shoes at least that old. I just feel like I never know when I might want to wear them again. Maybe they’ll come back in style some day. Or you never know when you need 10 pairs of old stinky running shoes for something…

It’s a problem.

I got to cleaning, pulled all of the shoes I own out of my closet, foyer bench and other closet… And I was left with this.

shoe pile

I immediately apologized to Josh. For taking up so much of the closet. And for being a shoe hoarder.

I found a bunch of pairs that I know I will never wear again because they are so beat up or just so old. I organized the rest, making sure each shoe was with its match and put them back into my closet. and some rubbermaid drawers. I got a little sad looking at the “throw away” pile, but it was also kind of cathartic. I’m going to try to find somewhere to donate some of the old running shoes. Some things just need to be thrown out though. Out with the old, in with the new!

Questions of the day:

-do you foam roll after you run?

-how do you prevent running injuries?

-tell me I’m not the only shoe addict here…

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  1. says

    I absolutely love my foam roller! It helped me through my half marathon training, especially my calves because I had such tight Achilles’ tendons. I also do pilates on the mat and reformer, cross-patterning movements, and somatic training, all to work on my alignment.
    I’m all about comfortable shoes, especially minimalist shoes like Lems and even crocs. But not anywhere near what you have!

    Good luck with your training!
    Trainercrafterkristin recently posted..Go Beyond Yoga and Pilates to Ease Muscle Tension with Proactive Postural RestructuringMy Profile

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