Marathon countdown – 4 days and 4 gear favorites


Four days!  Four days out, friends!  This whole thing is getting so real.  I am doing my best to keep my mind occupied with other things, but I find myself daydreaming (and night dreaming) about the race.  Making lists of everything that I need.  Planning my days around race related things, including meals. One thing […]

Marathon week countdown – 5 running mantras


“On the 3rd day of marathon week, Annie gave to me…” 5 running mantras 6 running tunes and 7 very funny marathon signs… Okay, so it doesn’t have quite the ring to it that the Christmas song does.  Sorry.  Anyhow.  We’re 5 days out from the marathon and today’s countdown post is running mantras. I […]

Marathon week countdown – 6 days and 6 running tunes

6 running tunes

It’s day 2 of the marathon week countdown!  In case you missed it, yesterday I shared with you 7 of my favorite funny race day signs.  Today, we’re talking about running jams.  I am not going to lie, I am totally someone who relies on my music while running, especially when things get tough. Racing […]

Marathon week countdown – 7 funny race day signs

7 race day signs

Hello and welcome to marathon week!  We are officially 7 days out from race day!!!  Next Sunday at this time I will be running my first full marathon – the IMT Des Moines Marathon.  I will be running as a part of Team In Training.  The past 5 months I have run over 1000 miles, […]

Good news, afraid of the dark and thirsty Thursday


Subtitle for this post could be, “the most random post ever”  but I have so much I want to share with you!!! I found out this week that I have officially met my fundraising goal for Team In Training!!!  I had a goal of $1500 and I am now over that number.  I have learned […]

Roasted butternut squash pear salad and a 16 miler


This past weekend was the start of my marathon taper.  It’s weird to start saying, “I only ran 16 miles.”  As if it’s no big deal.  When did that mentally start happening? I slept in a little bit and met my TNT coach at 8:30 for the run.  It was so cold and windy, pretty much the […]

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