Marathon countdown – 2 days out and my 2 best fans


I can’t even believe the big day is almost here.  For the past 5 months I’ve been training for the Des Moines marathon, and it is just a few short days away.  Today my parents will be coming into town and staying with us.  We have dinner plans tonight, and then tomorrow morning we will […]

Marathon countdown – 3 days and 3 (pairs of) shoes


That’s right folks.  We’re talking about shoes.  Shocker!!!  You didn’t actually think I could get through this countdown without actually talking about my true love, shoes… Did you? If there is one thing that I’ve learned (and admittedly, learned a few more times that I care to admit) it’s the importance of buying good running […]

Marathon countdown – 4 days and 4 gear favorites


Four days!  Four days out, friends!  This whole thing is getting so real.  I am doing my best to keep my mind occupied with other things, but I find myself daydreaming (and night dreaming) about the race.  Making lists of everything that I need.  Planning my days around race related things, including meals. One thing […]

Marathon week countdown – 5 running mantras


“On the 3rd day of marathon week, Annie gave to me…” 5 running mantras 6 running tunes and 7 very funny marathon signs… Okay, so it doesn’t have quite the ring to it that the Christmas song does.  Sorry.  Anyhow.  We’re 5 days out from the marathon and today’s countdown post is running mantras. I […]

Marathon week countdown – 6 days and 6 running tunes

6 running tunes

It’s day 2 of the marathon week countdown!  In case you missed it, yesterday I shared with you 7 of my favorite funny race day signs.  Today, we’re talking about running jams.  I am not going to lie, I am totally someone who relies on my music while running, especially when things get tough. Racing […]

Marathon week countdown – 7 funny race day signs

7 race day signs

Hello and welcome to marathon week!  We are officially 7 days out from race day!!!  Next Sunday at this time I will be running my first full marathon – the IMT Des Moines Marathon.  I will be running as a part of Team In Training.  The past 5 months I have run over 1000 miles, […]

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