IMT Des Moines Marathon – part 2


Alright folks, where did we leave off?  Oh yes, the sleepless night. (If you missed part 1 of the marathon weekend, you can check it out here). Sunday morning I woke up tired, but excited and pretty nervous.  For a few moments as I laid in bed, not wanting to leave the cozy covers, I […]

IMT Des Moines Marathon Recap – part 1


First of all, thank you ALL for your incredible encouragement about Sunday’s race.  I have been overwhelmed by the support I’ve received and number of people who have asked me, “How did it go?” and genuinely cared.  After listening to me talk about how I’m going to run a marathon for like 5 months, you […]

Des Moines marathon – the short version


First of all, thank you all so much for your support all last week and yesterday!  I really appreciate it.  I am planning on doing a full marathon recap soon, but I’m going to give my brain and body a little time to recover so I can do the experience justice. I had such an […]

Marathon countdown – 2 days out and my 2 best fans


I can’t even believe the big day is almost here.  For the past 5 months I’ve been training for the Des Moines marathon, and it is just a few short days away.  Today my parents will be coming into town and staying with us.  We have dinner plans tonight, and then tomorrow morning we will […]

Marathon countdown – 3 days and 3 (pairs of) shoes


That’s right folks.  We’re talking about shoes.  Shocker!!!  You didn’t actually think I could get through this countdown without actually talking about my true love, shoes… Did you? If there is one thing that I’ve learned (and admittedly, learned a few more times that I care to admit) it’s the importance of buying good running […]

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