How to make your own protein powder


I came home from work one day a few weeks ago and told Josh that I had a crazy idea to make my own protein powder.  He looked at my dumbfounded.  I believe his exact words were, “Uhhhhh, what?  No.” I explained that I’ve seen people do it before and it looks easy.  And it […]

A few things I have to share with you… GIVEAWAY


This past week I had the extreme honor and pleasure to join the Oiselle Flock team of runners!  I have known about this company for a while now and love following all of their elite runners.  Oiselle is a newish company that specializes in women’s running clothes.  They are the current sponsor of elite athletes like […]

Running without a watch and homemade burrito bowls


I realized yesterday that I have become a little dependent on my Garmin watch when I run.  I love that thing so much!  It tells me how far I’ve gone, my speed, splits, lets me program workouts, keeps me company when I go on long runs…  I love how it logs my miles for me […]

Workout Wednesday – Total Body Plank Walkout

plank walkout move

It’s workout Wednesday friends!  Today I have quite a workout for you.  This plank walkout sequence is designed to tone your whole waistline. I love how effective it is to combine these different plank moves to tone up your whole core. No sit ups needed! Feel free to increase or decrease reps/time to make it harder […]

Quinoa Salads and Running Rest Days


This past weekend when I was home I whipped up a quinoa salad for one of the cookouts we had.  I realized as I was doing it that I have just always kind of thrown a bunch of stuff together for quinoa salad and hoped it turns out.  I know what flavors I like together […]

Miles on Monday


Good Monday morning!!! Is it just me or does it feel extra hard to get up today after a long holiday weekend?  We made it home last night around 6.  Just enough time to unpack our suitcases, do a few loads of laundry and get ready for the week.  Charlie was so sad that he […]

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