BLT Naan Pizza

What’s shakin’ bacon?  Over here in this neck of the woods were are learning to adjust to our new schedule and take care of our new little son, Charlie.  At this point he does not like his crate at all but we know he needs to sleep in it.  He cries the second he goes in at night and the lights go out for about 10 minutes and then passes out.  Then he wakes up 4-5 hours later and starts crying again.  If he’s been asleep for 4 hours or more we get up and let him outside to pee.  If it’s only been an hour or two we usually just lay in bed and cringe and hold each other until he calms himself down.  I’m sure our neighbors love us.  It’s so hard to just sit there and let him cry, but I know we need to get him trained and if we give in to him he’ll think he can get out any time by crying.

Oh, and then this morning I literally was bawling my eyes out as I put him back in so I could go in to school for a few hours.  The look on his little face.  OMG.  Break my heart.  I left him in front of the tv with animal planet on so he wouldn’t be so lonely maybe.

We’re still working on being good new puppy parents.

So our meals are quick and simple.  I can’t leave the puppy’s side for too long or we’ll be in trouble.

This BLT naan pizza fit the bill.  Quick and tasty.

I just spread some hummus on naan bread (from Costco) sprinkled them with mozzarella, feta, and bacon and baked them for 8-10 minutes at 375.  Then I topped it with fresh cherry tomatoes and spinach.

Easy and delicious.  And those summer ripe tomatoes – divine!!!

I loved the chewy naan bread for crust.  You could obviously do this on a pita or tortilla too if you don’t have naan.


The best part is that this meal is so easy and quick I still had tons of time to play with the little mister.  If you’ll excuse me now, I’m going to go get some more puppy kisses.

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