Workout Wednesday – New playlist style

Hey guys!  It’s workout Wednesday time!!!  Today I’m bringing you something a little different. I am a huge music lover and love a good song to pump me up especially when things get tough during a run or workout.  I also get tired of some music pretty easily so I try to mix things up […]

Birthdays and redemption races


I’m back!!!  Life has been crazy busy these past few weeks.  This past weekend we went home and seriously had the best 48 hours ever.  I feel like every minute just flew by and we were not ready to go Sunday afternoon.  One of the hardest parts of living far away from our families is […]

Weekend recap – long runs and dates with a pillow


This weekend recap is brought to you by my 2 friends – rest and running.  We were planning on heading home to Wisconsin to our nieces 3rd birthday!!!!  Yay!  But Wednesday things went south fast and after a lot of pain, the worst car ride of my life and a trip to the ER, Josh […]

Blueberry lemonade mojito – thirsty Thursday time!

blueberry lemonade mojito

It’s Thirsty Thursday time! This actually was a drink that we enjoyed yesterday, on Wednesday. But you all get to try it today. Josh discovered a love for mojitos when we were on our honeymoon, laying on the beach in Mexico. Since then he loves to order them when we are out to eat, or […]

Workout Wednesday – equipment free superset workout


It’s workout Wednesday time! So I’m going to be honest with ya’ll.  I am always looking for ways to get my workouts done quickly.  My runs keep getting longer and longer and it’s hard to find the extra time to do hours of strength training.  I know it’s so important for my fitness and keeps […]

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