Summer time salads and how to tie your shoes

strawberry poppyseed salad

It’s getting hot in herrre’!  After a lovely unseasonably cool week last week, we are paying for it right now.  Actually, it’s pretty normal for mid-July in Iowa.  We’re maybe not quite used to it yet. So when I got home last night, the last thing that I wanted to do is turn on the […]

Miles on Monday – what a week

miles on monday7

This week in my marathon training definitely had it’s ups and downs.  It was so incredibly humbling and reminded me of the reason that I am doing this whole thing to begin with. I am training for the Des Moines FULL marathon this fall with Team In Training.  This means that I am running to […]

Thirsty Thursday – strawberry basil smash

strawberry basil smash

First things first.  After all of that freaking out about not running when the temperatures are ideal for it, I got in 6 miles yesterday to make up for it.  It was 55 degrees when we started just before 6 am.  I had goosebumps but quickly warmed up.  It was so nice to be able […]

Rest days are the hardest – favorite running stretches

rest day

Ummmmm hello July.  Are you there?  It’s me, Annie. It’s been unseasonably cool the past few days.  Today we had a high of 68.  Sixty – freaking – eight!  That’s 20 degrees below average for right now.  As a runner, 68 is perfection.  A little sun.  Nice gentle breeze.  Perfection. Except today was a rest […]

How to make your own protein powder


I came home from work one day a few weeks ago and told Josh that I had a crazy idea to make my own protein powder.  He looked at my dumbfounded.  I believe his exact words were, “Uhhhhh, what?  No.” I explained that I’ve seen people do it before and it looks easy.  And it […]

A few things I have to share with you… GIVEAWAY


This past week I had the extreme honor and pleasure to join the Oiselle Flock team of runners!  I have known about this company for a while now and love following all of their elite runners.  Oiselle is a newish company that specializes in women’s running clothes.  They are the current sponsor of elite athletes like […]

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